KSL Weather Customer Reviews:


Bad info

Is not staying up to date. Status is never correct.


When I click that particular button, nothing comes up. That's no help!


The new update looks good but is extremely slow in showing any of the data. I have waiting more than 4 minutes just to get temps to pull up.

Update sucks

Can not scroll thru the city's or states you have.. no details for the next day.. I want the old one back. Now have to find a new app.

Recent update

Cannot slide between saved locations. Not the clean interface it used to be. Would of liked to see past days info. Recent major update, Norton now tells me that you're accessing my sim card information, read fine print thou now are doing that. deleting app. after years of loving this program

Good app

With the last update, my phones opening page always shows that it's raining. It hasn't rained for days. It is annoying.

Hate new update

New interface is horrible and too busy with the drop down bar. Old look was easy to use, looked crisp and clean. Please go back to original look. Don't fix what's not broken.


The best weather app out there! And it's free.


I don't like the street update it can't find Lehi,UT it is known as cedar pass, UT which i can't find on any other map

Local weather

They prevent local weather and traffic


With this last update from October 30th now works properly on marshmallow. Thanks!

Update works great

Everything working well for MM now.

KSL Weather

Love it! Especially like the option to view earthquake info!

I use this app every day

Needs Marshmallow support!

Current temperature notification icon broken for Marshmallow.

I use this app daily! Accurate, user friendly, and reliable.

Not accurate.

Forcast is consistently wrong. It never matches the NWS forcast.

October 01,2015 four months running.

KSL weather

Android device

Not accurate!

Never accurate, changes constantly. It will be pouring rain and it shows 0% chance of precipitation. Going back to the weather channel app. At leat it gets it 40% right...



Lin lat

Use for suitable.

Kept crashing.

Really wish I could...

Find out what time the info displayed was taken. How often does it update? Why isn't there a refresh button?

Kept freezing my phone


It's so easy to read and find things you want

I agree with Bandit Owl

Great app

Very accurate and dependable. I put in the weather when I travel and for family members all over the world.

Not accurate

Said my location wasn't suppose to have a good chance till 2 pm....it's 1230 and raining pretty hard....future said nothing but I can see it moving in

Quick Crash

hadn't used the app for 3 minutes and it crashes! Closed the app, 3 minutes later started again and guess what? Crashes again.


You can customize locations by clicking on the house icon in the upper right. Can set default start location and set it to use current location.

KSL 5 weather

I've used this awesome app before would not be the same without it.


Yep, It's that good!

Great features but steals personal info

Check out the permissions it demands. Web browsing history, numbers you call, devices you connect to, etc. Someone is profiling users or selling our info.

Nice app

Works Well

I love this app well informed. Thank you KSLA. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Ksl weather

Weather app

Tells me what is need to know. And very accurate.

My preferred weather app.